Welcome to Robinhood Office!
New & Used Office Furniture at


Welcome to Robinhood Office!
We sell New and Used Quality office, school & home furniture for the lowest prices in the DFW area...... by far!

My name is Charles Harrell. I am the owner, operator, & buyer for Robinhood Office. I go to a lot of nice, high end auctions for modern office furniture and I crawl around in a lot of dusty warehouses to find vintage gems too! My main mission: Have fun, keep the prices lower than anyone else in the UNIVERSE, and help take care of our local community.

This is Greg. He is the manager of the 17,000 sq. ft. warehouse and our only employee. He keeps the warehouse organized and is the sales person in the store. Greg is a great guy and will be happy to help you and answer any questions.

We see the end for a lot of businesses.... but we're proud to  help create the beginning for so many more.
See you soon! Charles Harrell

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